In this tutorial we will be looking at a very simple however effective technique in making a beautiful zombie out of Kate Upton.

Things you will need:

- Brushes:  cloud brushes ,  blood brushes

- Image of a persons face:  In this example we are using the beautiful Kate Upton

- Image of Cuts, Gashes, Bruises etc.:  I did a simple search on google images for them, you can use a brush or your own technique to achieve the gore.


Step 1:

With your image open create a new layer adjustment  ”Curves” to increase the contrast.

Step 2:

Create a folder and in that folder create a new layer adjustment “Gradient Map”. I used a gold type gradient. Use multiply for blending mode of this adjustment layer.

Step 3:

Select the layer mask of the gradient map you just created and using a cloud brush with a low opacity begin to mask out areas of the gradient map.  The goal is to make it look as natural as possible. note: don;t worry about the fall off the actual subject’s face we will mask it in the parent folders layer mask.

Step 4:

In the parent folder create a layer mask.  At this point we want to mask out any “Gradient Map” thats not on our model. You can use a regular brush to do this.

Step 5:

Create a new layer adjustment “Gradient Map” above the folder.  I used a blue to white.  Set the blending mode to multiply.  This will set the mood a little more.

Step 6:

With a blood brush create a new layer and start painting blood splatters around the mouth or anywhere you like.  note: you can use  multiple layers with different brushes, colors and blending modes to create some depth in your blood.

Step 7:

Create a new layer and paste your cuts / gashes / gore on to the subject.  Click layer mask and begin to mask out everything out but the actual “cut(s)”.   I used overlay for blend mode on this layer.


Step 8:

Create a new adjustment layer “Vibrance” and crank the vibrance up to your liking.  I masked the vibrance layer with a brush with low opacity to remove some of the hot spots from this effect.


Final Product


Final Notes:

Optional:  Select all ctrl+shift+c  -  paste into a new layer – filter -> noise -> add noise  - use a touch of noise to give your image a little grainy feel to it.

Improve this effect by adding more red vains to your subjects eyes, or tons of layers with little cuts and scratches and blood.

Thanks for reading my tutorial

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